Monday, January 30, 2006

It's a beautiful morning here which considering it's almost February in Minnesota, is something of a miracle. Global warming seems to be working well for us.

My daughters were debating this morning over cheerios, my life goods—

Olivia: I get the piano when she dies.
Bella: Why do you get the piano?
Olivia: Because I PRACTICE!
Bella: Well, what do I get?
Olivia: What do you want?
(as if I am dead already and not sitting next to them, drinking coffee.)
Bella: I think I want ALL of mom’s wedding rings!!!

It should be noted here, that she said this in the plural form, and with great enthusiasm. With the belief that I somehow have the dating life of Elizabeth Taylor—as if, there’s a truck loaded with diamonds waiting to be distributed. And when I brought this up to them, they just rolled their eyes at me, continued on with their conversation.

Olivia: You could sell the rings and buy your own piano.
Bella: Maybe I could buy two.
Olivia: Don't sell them at a yard sale, that would hurt mom's feelings.
Bella: Or I could WEAR them all at the same time.
Olivia: Too heavy.
Bella: But it would be beautiful.

Lord, help me!!!!!!
Why doesn’t anyone want my books?


Charles said...

They are the best.

Ali Davis said...

I thought that last line was referring to the universe of book publishers, poetry contests, etc... They will want them eventually, as will your daughters.

michi said...

priceless! :))) m