Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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jenni said...

beautiful photo. are you going to the west palm thingy?

early hours of sky said...

nope and I like the new photo.

Are you going?

early hours of sky said...

I meant to say, the new photo of you.

David said...

a snowy owl makes no noise in flight, is completely silent;

once, teaching fourth grade, we had the local animal expert come and share some creatures. he picked a volunteer, adorned her with a shield of leather, and took out a great snowy. then asked us to close our eyes. all of us, as he had the owl fly over our heads to this girl shaking, arm extended. the owl's wings were silent, and the only noise I heard was the oompfff upon landing...but I swear it whispered lost while passing by my ear.

god i love owls

Artichoke Heart said...

What a wonderful photo. What a wonderful owl.

early hours of sky said...

When I was a little girl, about nine my uncle brought me an owl for my birthday. It had been hit by a car and was slightly dazed, he let me run my fingers through the feathers and watch the head turn and turn. It was an amazing creature and yes, I am sure they always say lost

Maybe I’m part owl?

jenni said...

I'm not--I'd like to tho--if only to meet Jane Hirshfield, whose work I enjoy so much. I may be going to the AWP--I'm not sure, it's possible. Maybe we can catch up there for some lunch?

LKD said...

Funny, but the owls that hang out in the woods behind my house say:

Find me. Find me.

Is the photo yours? Is the owl?

Just once, I'd love to be that close to an owl. I love to throw open the window late on cold winter nights and listen to the male calling out his mate, coaxing her out of the darkness.

In my next life, I want to be an owl.

early hours of sky said...

Yes Jenni I would love coffee but still a unsure of AWP. I am trying to go to MacDowell.

And Laurel, you understand they swallow mice (WHOLE) and then my girls would say they also poop out the tiny bones, so you can even make a little mouse skeleton if you find the pellets. (things we know in this house.)

I don’t want to be an owl---if I had to pick an animal, I think in the next life, I’d come back as a lesbian’s cat b/c those guys have it made.

I've done too much work being a human.

Anne said...

"I think in the next life, I’d come back as a lesbian’s cat b/c those guys have it made. "

OK, this made me crack up right out loud and scared the cats. Which was the worst thing that happened to them all day. Yep, they have it made. :)

My sister volunteers at a raptor rehab center and they get all kinds of owls in. One time I was visiting and she took me back to show me some of the injured birds and there was a teeny tiny burrowing owl, not much bigger than a hamster. It was the most amazing creature ever.