Friday, May 20, 2005

36 days and counting

I realized today that I have taught 36 straights day with out a break, not the whole day mind you and some days I have given tours and there are days like today when I have made all my drawing and painting class crawl through the grass like bugs and then give me ink sketches so it's not hard labor. But in some form or another I have encouraged creativity and I must tell you, I am pretty damn sick of it. I am ready for heavy drinking or maybe a nice walk around the lake. I want to sit all day and not do anything but write, please don’t tell me that is creative because with what I am writing lately I beg to differ.

Last night’s reading was okay, it was a small crowd. I was a little freaked out when I pulled up to the building and there was a big yellow sign, you know the ones that say Beer $2.99 or buy one chicken leg get one free but this one said POeTRY REaDING/ TE Ballard and I thought “fluck” and then I thought cool I have my own beer sign.

But because I have been working so much I had to go to the grocery store on the way home and this is not okay. A) after I read I feel really, really good like a poetry god and for some reason in Minnesota people do not bag your groceries and that is not okay with a poetry god and B) after one reads, they should either get wine, laid or at the very least a nice dinner. None of those things happened and I feel very cheated.

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