Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Okay my reading is in two days which makes me think I should actually have something to read. This will be my third time reading there so I should probably have new poems and one of colleagues wants to bring her child. Why do people do that? I went through my poems today to remove all the ones that have sexual connotations in them, and well I won’t be reading any poetry on Thursday if I stick to that rule ;)

I bought a brilliant fiction book Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close I hate authors who are young and brilliant (that is the jealously talking) but Foer is doing things in this book that need to be done. He is pushing the envelope. It is the first time in a long time I have read anything new in literature and hell I read more than the average American watches T.V.

Okay my house smell funny and I have two fellowship applications due by the end of the day so I can buy my nanny named Lola who will feed my children mangos while I finish all the books I want to write. Now to put that in sentence in a one page letter that actually gets me money….

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