Thursday, May 26, 2005

Oh the things I would paint if I only had the talent

There is something about being a girl and walking into a hardware store. I adore it. Today I am helping my friend redo his apartment so when he sent me to the store I was so excited that I actually got to walk up to a group of men and say “can you tell me where the silicone caulk is”? Caulk of course being said very loudly and like COCK, which really is a beautiful word to say to a group of men who stammer and then turn pink. I worked it into the conversation as much as possible.. How do you use this caulk? If the caulk dries, do need to wipe it? and the all important, every girl should ask question, will this caulk leave stains on my fingers. Just makes you want to take me to a hardware store, doesn’t it?


C. Dale said...

Thanks for making me laugh today!

Radish King said...

Will this caulk leave stains on my fingers?


Anne said...

Oh dear god. *snerk*

I'd like to go to a hardware store with you, but I'd have to follow about twenty paces behind, otherwise I'd embarrass you by snerking and snorting repeatedly.

I suspect there are many poems to be found in hardware-store erotica.

gina said...


And which caulk do you recommend?

Girl, you rock.


Emily Lloyd said...
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Ivy said...

Hahaha! Teresa, I'm crying here.

Charles said...

You're my hero

666poetry-finchnot said...



i've got to use that soon

the caulk / that is


early hours of sky said...

CD, I owe you at least one if not more.

And it is a good day when I make Miss Loudon snort.

I am so stealing that from you Anne, Hardware Erotica.
Yep that puppy is mine.

Gina I recommend any caulk that works well and stands the test of time.

Em sadly I think you would make the men blush far more than I.

Ivy, are you at the castle yet? Do you have hardware stores close by?

Charlie, I adore you. Now give me my glasses back

and Miss Finch, finish, send it out.
It will be a wonderful thing.

Ivy said...

Teresa, one month more before I take up my sceptre and castleship. ;-) Hee! Unfortunately, I'm not sure about intarweb access over there. Ah, well...

early hours of sky said...

Damn we might actually have to write you "real" letters. Oh the horror:)