Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Blame This On My Good Pair of Jeans

Well I went to fight my ticket today. Yes, I know it has been three weeks but this was my first true day off when no one in the world had asked me to make/talk about anything related to art or writing. I get there and the woman says it will be at least an hour and a half wait (dear lord). So after I taught every child in the waiting room how to thumb wrestle I gave the Armenian man my cell phone number and went out to lunch.

I skipped the cafeteria, headed for the foundation and b/c I am magic I had fire grilled salmon on the patio, red wine and wonderful conversation. I returned just in time to have my number called, told the man this had been my best day in ages, I could almost hug him. He looked at me strange (this happens a lot) smiled and said well THEN you are free to go.

Yep, that was the only bad thing. I never got to tell my story of the social injustice of being pulled over in a car wash. But I didn’t have to pay anything which means if my current theories are correct all my saved money gets to be spent on books. Oh glory day!!!


LKD said...

Have you seen Sidewaysyet, Ms. Early? You seem to be a drinker of red (as am I, after years of being a palateless fool who swilled gallon upon gallon of that quasi wine for wine ninnies like me, white zinfandel--the reason, incidentally, for my sticking to the bland side of things was thanks to a rather unfortunate incident involving me and a whole bottle of cheap red years ago--let's just say, I threw up until I couldn't throw up anymore, then I dry-heaved all the way home, and was still spitting red the next morning...) as am I, now that I've developed a palate--in fact, I don't drink white at all--and I think (as I continue to digress and digress) that that movie might tickle your fancy. I know it tickled mine. I especially like the scene in which Peter Giamotti--is that his name?--says outside a restaurant: If anyone orders merlot, I'm leaving!!! (grin)

It's a wonderful movie. I'd like to see it again.

Oh, and glad to hear your day went so well. I was really only going to ask what kind of red you had with your salmon.....and wrote all of this instead...

early hours of sky said...

Well I had merlot lol. I love merlot and my wine buyer tells me I am getting much better buys because of that movie. Yes, I saw it and it was good but it is even better that paying less for wine.