Monday, May 23, 2005

Today I went out with about eight four and five year olds to a field of white dandelions. I told them they were wishes and they got to blow as many as the wanted. (The neighbors love me) Elana asked me what I wished for and I said a dragon, she said “oh I wish I had known I would’ve brought mine from home.

And tonight I really wish I had asked for a new poem or maybe some wisdom but I’ve yet to discover the possibility of my new pet.


steve mueske said...

Oh that is such a wonderful story! I love the imagination of kids. If we could approach live with half as much verve every day would be as sweet as it deserves.


steve mueske said...

Umm, that would be "life" (demonstrating his prowess of reviewing his work *after* hitting the submit button).

early hours of sky said...

hey I was just commmenting on your blog *jinx*