Thursday, May 05, 2005

Holy Cow!!!

I would like to say I’ve been away writing so you can picture me in a field, note book in hand, yellow butterflies weaving in and out of my hair. Well, you could picture this. I picture this when I’ve actually folded so much laundry my fingers are numb b/c truth, though supposedly a powerful thing, is hardly ever pretty.

I have no time to write and I becoming bitter. Bitterness is not attractive on a 37 year old woman. It makes her hide herself in the bathroom, pull into the driveway and sit there for a good ten minutes before she actually gets out of the car. Side note: I always wondered why my mother did this, just stood there before opening the door as if she was diving into cold water.

The new show is up at the museum. The first illuminated bible in modern history. I am teaching about it but I haven’t seen it yet—that is bad. The director was telling me yesterday how everything is made on skin, tiny handmade pens to write on skin, how they use feathers to make the pens. How cows in some way are considered holy in almost every culture and that (I kid you not) if aliens ever really took over the world they would probably beam up a cow first, because you find their skin or image on every sacred text.

Of course this was followed by a deep stutter, and several minutes of how she didn’t really believe in aliens but all the way home I saw the cows sailing by every tree. Beautiful mama cows being beamed up to start the world again.

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