Wednesday, June 22, 2005

after 53 hours of art class the first thing to go are the hands;)

I tried to explain to someone what my hands look like after tie-dying with 18 girls today in Girls in Power (yes I WAS wearing gloves) but it wasn’t possible to pin down the hue and different variations of blue. True fact: two of my students don’t know my real last name, all their lives they have called me “Teresa Color” which stays true to the only character I ever wanted to be in the Wizard of Oz. A horse of course.  Posted by Hello


Emily Lloyd said...
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666poetry-finchnot said...

yes / it is a brilliant photo

damn i admire your tenacity
& just who you are

thanx t / always a pleasure


early hours of sky said...

Hey finchy girl how are you? Are you surving the kids? I will try to catch up to my emails soon

and Miss Emily stop spreading rumors;) and Lord help the editor when I actually get a book cover.