Thursday, June 02, 2005

Before Goldilocks was eaten by a bear

Well it is pretty safe to say I am the only parent on the 4th and 5th grade camping trip who is bringing her manuscript, four books, and fives pages on syntax. Oh and hopefully though I am debating how pitiful I really am and thinking about my laptop. Whether I have rain gear or clean underwear is another question. Yes, I understand I will be in the woods with countless kids but the thing is, large groups entertain themselves, throw em a box of twinkies or a glow in the dark ball and well that is at least five pages of silence.

So before Goldilocks was eaten by a bear she said goodbye to her blogger friends. She said, now be good and don’t piss on my carpet. I will be back with poems or at least maybe a thought. And Goldilocks put in a secret note for the bird, the beautiful bird to say there will be photos. Wonderful photos.


Suzanne said...

Have fun!! Yes, you can have fun in the woods--and don't you dare bring your laptop. By all means, write, but try roughing it w/ pen and paper.

I'm jealous because I just know you'll be having S'mores. I just know it.


Radish King said...
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Anne said...

I am more worried about you being eaten by the 4th and 5th graders than by bears. Have fun!