Sunday, June 05, 2005

Well I survived the camping trip. The highlight was taking a group of kids on a midnight hike (I was the only adult they could convince to do this) and we shut off our flashlights and walked in complete darkness, when we reached the bridge we held the lights up to the sky, a whole world of insects glittered over our heads. You could hear the owls in the distance, the night birds flying down and feasting. It was beautiful.

The next night I went for a walk at night by myself and watched the lightening bugs high in the trees over my heads. When I was little they always seemed low to the earth so easy to touch to capture. I wonder when lightening bugs figured out to head to higher ground.

There are lots of changes coming in my life over the next month. It is possible I could be moving back to New England. What ever the case, with change I have no idea how it will all balance out, what my writing life will look like, I feel so close to something and it almost feels like it is being taken away.

I hate change. You would think I would be good at it by now. I want to go high up into the trees today and I do not want to come back down.


Emily Lloyd said...
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LKD said...
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Suzanne said...

Where in New England? Close enough to come to *my* house? Or are you going to be on the Maine shoreline so that I'll come to *your* house? I hate change. If I was in preschool they would tell my parents that I 'have trouble with transition.' xo

anders said...

Treeza, your writing, your net presence, is growing more powerful. The complications of fate are branching into paths through you, through us. Your voice is starting to become a locus of torn power, also hopeful, a warm tornado-throat. Your poems will more and more be grabbing us by the cuff of the neck, spinning us slowly then quicker around, and sucking us down through the throat of the hourglass, through the lyric moment. Your book is only a matter of time and raw will.