Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Okay I am sooo addicted to this I am almost tempted to do a reading. There are some girls who use to play with dolls, I played with tape recorders. Lord help you all and btw, I am taking requests. Oh I want to read Sexton’s I Have Been Her Kind, very badly but it is such a let down if you have heard the master.



Emily Lloyd said...
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Emily Lloyd said...
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early hours of sky said...

Well you already have Sexton. I cant do her after you listened to her...that is like poetry sin.

LKD said...

I'm still trying to get over my reaction to Gluck's reading of her poppy poem. Her voice...really disturbed the hell out of me.

Then I go and listen to Ms. Dog--and oh, geez, T, I just never expected her to sound....like a mother. I know that sounds stupid or simplistic. But I was expecting a much darker, more dramatic voice. Instead, I heard a voice that...god, it could've been my mother reading that poem.

Here, I just wrote this. You wrote that lovely skin horse poem on my blog. I just wrote this on yours:

Still (after listening to Anne Sexton read “Her Kind”)

What I did not expect, what I could not guess
as the dead woman did her best
impression of a witch—bitch,
she would have guffawed—or god--was that voice:
A reckless edge, honed, a knife
that laughed as it gutted the apple’s white heart
and chuckled as it slit the green bean
expertly down the middle. I could not have dreamt
that siren’s song would sound exactly as violent
and happy as my mother’s
as she chatted like a woman possessed
on the phone, snapping her fingers,
those hard, hard bones, to hush me
as I made too much noise pulling the heads
off my Barbies. That underlying,
tone of want that could not be fulfilled wakes me
in the middle of the night; my mother is alive,
yet, she haunts me. Still.

early hours of sky said...

Yes but Sexton was a mother in all that power and a woman, that is one of the things that makes her amazing. Unfortnatley she lost the battle within herself. I like the poem Laurel now dont go deleting, T

LKD said...

Doh! I feel like a kid getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar (or um, thrust deep into a package of double stuff Oreos). I just came back to delete it. (grin)

Damn, have I really become that predictable? (smile)

Okay, I'll leave it up.

Oh, and I meant to say that I hear you on the addictability -- is that even a word?? -- of this audioblog thing. I swear, I'd do it nonstop, all day and all night long if it weren't for the long distance charges. (sigh)