Thursday, June 09, 2005

Well if you were driving down Cedar Ave. about five minutes ago and you saw a girl with curly hair, no hands on the wheel, driving a little too fast, drumming her hands in the air to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”, racing the boys at the light by winking and gunning her engine…well that was me and it can only mean one thing. I FINISH MY MANUSCRIPT for the Loft. Yes I did and the deadline wasn’t till tomorrow which means I fulfilled my own personal goal of not dragging my ass there the last possible minute. But of course, I did slip it under the door like a three pound abandoned baby because I could not get it done before eight.

Only three more grants to write before June 30th and then I can dance around naked. I am in a dancing mood tonight. And then if I actually receive any of the above grants I get to stay home and write for at least two months straight with my nanny named Lola taking care of the girls. It will be a good life.


Emily Lloyd said...
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early hours of sky said...
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666poetry-finchnot said...

congrats on the completion

i too / finished my play this
week / only been working on it
for 2 years / i think / it's near
a final final edit / / oiy vay

yes / let's go crazy
come on teresa / let's go
for a martini & celebrate !!

good luck with your grants

i just got check for 500 bucks
toward another edition of
horsefly / gee / now we only need
another 1500 / guess i'm gonna be
putting on a gig / selling booze
is the best way to make money

imo . . .

hope your having a great week t.


Ivy said...

Good luck, you curly-haired, engine-gunning, boy-wink-racing crazy girl, you!

early hours of sky said...

thank you Miss Emily

Whahooo for you Jenn on the play—that is wonderful

and Ivy, truer words were never said;)

Charles said...

Ah, good old Cedar Ave.

I used to live in the Cedar/Riverside neighborhood. Such a strange part of town. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite.

You make me homesick.

early hours of sky said...

Charlie that is right where I was lol. I almost pulled into that motorcyle bar on the corner. Did you ever go to the loft when you were here? I really think you should come back for a visit.

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