Sunday, June 26, 2005

You know as a woman you are spending too much time on the computer when you actually starting timing your monthly cycles by blog posts. Yes I know too much information but I actually had a great sensitivity this morning to not being on someone’s blog roll which is so lame I can’t even begin to delve into it. I need to call my friends back. I need to answer emails. I need to actually walk around this great city.

For father’s day I sent my dad a copy of the Massachusetts Review and Mid American Review with my poems in it, well they have not been printed yet but I am having them sent to my father when they are. I had to call and say to my mother, please don’t throw this away if you open the box, please look for my name.

My father is a good man. He will carry me around for days. He will show his fishing buddies at the bar, he will drive me around on the tractor when he is laying down seed. He will tell my grandfather who has yes, 6 books of poetry I know you think this modern stuff is crap but here she is. My father will not say crap. But he will make me known, my father will say my name and no matter what the poem says, even it paints him in not the best light which to be honest some have done, he will be proud of me. He will carry me everywhere.


Suzanne said...

I got quite a hard snub from a blogger today and I'm still very hurt/sad/confused. Strange, eh?

early hours of sky said...

Hey are you okay? I will write you now, T

Suzanne said...

Thanks, T. I'm fine, but mean people suck. ;-)

Radish King said...

hey, my good girls,