Saturday, June 25, 2005

I keep getting up with the doves. My oldest daughter is going on a trip today this is her first summer when she goes away for days. Last night she came to my bed and told me the world is spinning too fast. I remember this. I remember the exact moment childhood left when I felt it slip from the room.

Sometimes you have to parent the exact opposite of what you feel. I pack her packs and tell her I remember, one of the reasons I work with children I say, is because you can return and I do mention it is bitter. I tell her she is strong that we have both grown up together. And I let her go.

There are days when loving someone is the exact the opposite of how you feel. Yes, my daughter before the world opens it spins crazy like a top.


Blair said...

Oh my, I remember going to my mother and saying the same thing... it was a profound moment for me, probably for her too, seeing as she wrote it down. I will add that I also remember that moment being a very special one with my mother.

early hours of sky said...

Yes I hope she keeps telling me those things.