Sunday, March 12, 2006

By the waters of Buda
Uncomb and unlock then,
Abandon and nevermore cherish
Queer lips, queer heart, hands.
There to futurity leave
The luckier lover who’s waiting,
As, like a spring coiled up,
In the bones of Adam, lay Eve.

~Lawerence Durrel: Cities, Plains and People

Lisa said tonight that the most dangerous thing is to ask the universe how to love, to open yourself up to that teaching: Teresa find the moment that is most solid in your day, find the least, embrace one, let go of the other. It is like the game I play with the girls, best and worst.

In my religion (that I am making up b/c of my horoscope) people question openly, each other, themselves. They find the strangest things holy: rocks, shells, the way light moves over a wall and how the people in the car traveling down the street, have no idea, no awareness that they are causing the light to move—for you to catch your breath; for you to claim this, the most solid moment of your day.

In my religion you can lay down the people you have carried, the things you believed you deserved, and your expectations for what is to come, because you don’t have to always be prepared, stretch your neck to see around the corner.

Here you understand sometimes what is needed comes like light. It exists whether you are in the room or not. Your only job is to be still, to open your eyes.

In the bones of Adam, lay Eve not b/c of gender, god or any of that mixed up crap people have fed each other for so long, but because simply, sometimes there are two who begin.


Anonymous the Younger said...

You are definately a worthy teacher. Can I be a disciple? Is there a name yet for the religion?

early hours of sky said...

Thanks but I teach children. People over three feet scare the shit out of me;)

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