Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The writing gods are taking care of me. Maybe because I say every day, I miss you—I miss who I am with you and I do. Yesterday, I received this email about being part of a writing project about feminism. Each writer gets to pick a photo and write about what feminism means to them, which is basically a fancy way to say what does it mean to be a woman? It is goes into this really cool anthology and website.

I realized after I said yes, that I have absolutely NO idea what it means to be a feminist-- then I started writing about 15 different things in my head. Isn’t it exciting Liz said, at the absolute scariest time of your life, when you are learning to do everything on your own, someone asks you this question?

Sometimes I want to kick Liz very hard.


Artichoke Heart said...

What happened to the stuff about the purple suede boots? I specifically came back to read about the boots again!

early hours of sky said...

Oh see but it made you come out of hiding, if I knew that I would delete more often. The boots are coming--I promise photos.