Wednesday, March 01, 2006

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): "Human beings are often unable to receive because we do not know what to ask for," writes Malidoma Some in his book Of Water and the Spirit. "We sometimes can't get what we need because we do not know what we want." Your task in the coming week, Leo, is to make sure you don't fit his description. How? Devote yourself to the glorious quest of decoding your most fundamental riddle: What is it you want more than anything else? Once you know, take a pledge to put that desire at the center of your life.

I want my girls to grow up to be strong women. I would like to fall in love with someone who is amazing and stays amazing the whole time I love them. I want a house full of books. I want to write a house full of books. I want my garden back. I want lilacs. I want kindness. Laughter. I want my girls to trust easily, not enable anyone. I want less anger, rage. I want walks, rain and sometimes I want another child. I want art. I want to keep teaching children to be creative, receptive to this power. I want to be paid more for it. I want big grants. More holiness. I want an editor. I want a life of mango pancakes. I want to turn forty in Italy. Always have this love with my eyes open. I want to sleep under the stars more this summer than I ever have before. I want my daughters to see a whale. I want to return to Seal Island. I want to fly more. I want to keep painting. I want this move to go easily. I want a flat place to build. I want to find shells. Sit by the water till I understand. I want to meet Lucille Clifton. I want to write one poem as well as Paul Celan. I want to write one book I am completely happy with. I want you in the back yard. I want some of my innocence back. I want to be okay with this want I wear around my neck.


Ali Davis said...

Me too. Also I want daughters. Maybe even a son.

jenni said...

where do you get your horoscopes from?

LKD said...

I don't want love unless it wants me.

I don't want happiness. See above.

I don't want money because it's useless.

I want to know why I'm here.

I want to fulfill that purpose.

I want friends like you and poetry like yours.

Where in the hell have you been? I've been missing you.