Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The wonderful thing about teaching at the invention studio is that, the other teachers (all boys) think I’m actually doing them a favor by going to Ikea to pick up clocks for supplies. Oh those fools!!!

In the mail yesterday DIGERATI which was beautiful and so well made I want more. So far Peter Pereira’s poem Butterfly Bush was worth the price of admission but I have a weak spot for the word buddleia—I may have a slight bias. Look for work by Corral, Guest, Roripaugh, Robinson, Abramson and that Ballard girl.

It might even get me back into reading anthologies b/c it is set up in a way that the voices flow nicely together which is my main beef with most of them. It’s almost like hearing finger nails on the chalkboard---the new contemporize Russian poet collection was like that—I almost cried.

I am a girl who is bothered by font and order. Odd, I know.
So I am off to Ikea, where there is order and no books to confuse me.

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