Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dream Presses

It’s possible I am dying (from the flu) and because I believe strongly in the Egyptian theory I can indeed take it with me I am packing all my books in the cardboard box I plan to bury myself in.

I spent the day pawning my children off on their friends, buying more drugs and contemplating the reasons why not to close my eyes while driving down the highway. I also talked to a couple of small presses and was way too excited that my dream press remembered my name. Yes Teresa Ballard we know your work. And even though I was calling as an editor and not a writer, it made me damn happy.

Remember the game Dream Date where you could spin the large circle and have Ken take you to the prom or if you exhibited art skills you could turn Ken into a cross dresser named Katie? Anyway my idea for the day is to make a writers version called Dream Presses which I am selling for $19.95 at AWP.

Thus you can spin the big circle and have Copper Canyon pick up your book or if you’re a bad spinner a company called “Split Pea” will print your poems on tea bag covers. There’s no jail but you do have to pay $200 to get out of a job at KMART. The possibilities are endless.

1 comment:

Anne said...

*falls over laughing*

Please oh please don't let me get stuck with Split Pea Press and teabag covers! At least let me have my poems printed on something that doesn't get soggy. :)