Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I need your top three books printed in 2005

Poets and Writers have their emerging writers, most of them I had not read and now I want to know what you think. Who are your favorite first collection for the year?


Radish King said...

Oops. It was printed in 2004.

early hours of sky said...

I know I’m writing an article and everything I love was printed in 2004. Help me Loudon, help me….

C. Dale said...

Siken: CRUSH

Doran: RESIN



I know there are others I am forgetting now.

Charles said...

I just started reading Into Perfect Spheres Such Holes Are Pierced and I had to put it down after 15 pages because it was tearing a fucking hole right through me.

Also: Crush, Richard Siken
Like Awake Lake, Beckian Fritz Goldberg
This Connection of Everyone With Lungs, Juliana Spahr

jeannine said...

I've been pimping Dana Levin's Wedding Day...her second book, but it was published this year.
You might also like Duhamel's latest, Two and Two. And I concur with Chang's Circle, good stuff. And didn't Lara Glenum's new book just come out? I don't have it yet, but I like her work a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Sayers Ellis: The Maverick Room

Lyle Daggett said...

None of these are first books, but they're the top three I would name so far that have been printed in 2005:

"Exile in My Homeland" by Dale Jacobson (print-on-demand, published by Author House)

"Ancient Wonders, The Modern World" by Diane Jarvenpa (Red Dragonfly Press)

"Kiot" by Charles Potts (published by Blue Begonia Press)

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Elizabeth Alexander: American Sublime.

Victoria Chang: Cirlce

Sheryl Luna: Pity the Drowned Horses

caitlin grace said...

We're talking 2005?

Check out Tim Earley's BOONDOGGLE.