Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This has been a prime example of WHY NOT to play with your template when running a high fever. Thank you for playing what the fuck is up with your blog.

I figured out today I am a pretty easy lay in a drug store. In fact I would have gone home with anyone who offered to make me soup and wrap me up in a blanket. Oddly, wearing red sweat pants with a maroon thermal shirt, nose running, cheeks flush, hair wild does not get me a lot of offers.

When asked by the pharmacist if I needed any help, I told him to throw anything in my cart that could possibly dislocate my head from my neck. I then proceed to spend twenty dollars on things that are neither chocolate nor sushi which does not seem fair.

I also figured out where all my old tapes of Air Supply and Cat Stevens have gone---they play them at eight am at Walgreens over the loud speaker. So picture this: Teresa Ballard in the above attire singing I’m all out of love and I am so lost without you and then wiping her nose on her sleeve, thinking where the fluck is the Kleenex?


Charles said...

You are wonderful. Get well soon.

C. Dale said...

Get better. If you have a fever, drink lots of fluids. And don't forget old-fashioned sudafed for all of that congestion stuff.

early hours of sky said...

Charlie, thank you. I’d go home with you anytime.

C.D. I have:

Vick’s Vapor Rub
Three pounds of eucalyptus cough drops which taste like shit
New shower soothers
Thera Flu
Candy orange slices which surprisingly have no vitamin C in them
Eucalyptus bubble bath incase I can’t stand up to take a shower
and Kleenex

666poetry-finchnot said...

LOL / damn it t / why you gotta
be so funny?? / sorry you got sick
hope you are feeling better now/
haven't been in your blog for a few
days / i thot you were away or some thing /

take it easy girl


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