Thursday, October 06, 2005

Everything in the world is happening in Minneapolis the week I am in New England but luckily I am not going to miss Nick Flynn reading tomorrow. Yes, I am going to teach a ten hour day and then meet my buddy Nick at the Loft. I will be tired, I may have paint on my jeans but I will be happy. I know it’s going to be wonderful.

One of the things I love most about Fall is tea. We sit out in the backyard by the fire and drink tea or if it is raining like today I make a huge pot and we talk in the kitchen. If you were my child you would know that I have a magic tea chest and you would also know when you needed magic you could ask me for the chest and then we would drink whatever you picked out together.

If you are in Minneapolis go see Elizabeth Alexander read from her new book at the Walker or do this amazing collage workshop at the 38th street gallery. If you go to the gallery you can stop by my house and feed my cats;) they will be lonely. Also there is a huge book sale on Saturday. Fate is not only keeping me from Art but now books. Those crooked gods but yes I will have my ocean and my girls.

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