Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Poets & Writers Debut Poets

1. Like Wind Loves A Window by Andrea Baker
2. The Singers I Prefer by Christian Barker
3. Living Room by Geoff Bouvier
4. Cipher/Civilian by Leslie Bumstead
5. Circle by Victoria Chang
6. Resin by Geri Doran
7. King Vulture by K.E. Duffin
8. The Maverick Room by Thomas Sayers Ellis
9. Honey and Junk by Dana Goodyear
10. Weather Eye Open by Sarah Gridley
11. Leadbelly by Tyehimba Jess
12. Phx by Corrinne Lee
13. Pity the Drowned Horses by Sheryl Luna
14. Whethering by Rusty Morrison
15. Somwhere Else by Matthew Shenoda
16. Practice Restraint by Laura Sims
17. Slag by Mark Sullivan
18. Enter Invisible by Catherine Wing

The article was very interesting, each poet was asked how long the book took to put together, how many years to publish, how many places submitted, their influences, real jobs, advice and what they were currently working on.

Main theme: forget about writing and write, which is easier to say when Poets & Writers has just picked you as a debut poet. Kind of like a skinny girl telling you, she eats everything. But I would say the average time an author submitted his or her manuscript was over 50 and highest being over a hundred, which means of course I'm a lazy ass.

Cool things: there was stay at home mother on this list, people without MFA’s and a park ranger from Maine.


Patry Francis said...

Very consoling that people without MFAs can publish a book. Perhaps even an aging waitress?

early hours of sky said...