Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Postcard: these are both my brothers right before the wedding and I am in my usual please don�t make me shower attire. The good thing about having 6 foot 3 and up brothers is: they pick you up when they hug you, they always make you look smaller in photographs, and no one ever gives you shit when you walk down the street.
The bad thing is you have to tag team with your sister and attack them one at a time if you want to get even or give them really original gifts for Christmas like rattle snake eggs;)
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lk said...

I missed you.

Did you say hello to the ocean for me? I miss it desperately.

You and your brothers have the same chin.

I love the photo of the pumpkins. And the seascape is flatout gorgeous.

Your blog feeds me.

early hours of sky said...

which I think is double;) (the chin sharing)

and I talk to the ocean for you, she said come home soon.

Anonymous said...

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