Saturday, October 29, 2005

my boots arent made for walking

 These are my boots. The car is not mine. It is almost 10 o’clock and the boots and I are going dancing. I am Annie Oakley. I have boots, a skirt and a gun. What more could a girl want?

Yes, there is that….

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Radish King said...
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Radish King said...

Oops, I did not read carefully the first time. What I meant to say was a whip and a pony, of course. And a really fine hat.

Radish King said...

p.s. The whip is NOT for the pony.

early hours of sky said...

I always wanted a pony.

The hat was necessary
but I did not have a whip.

Do handcuffs count for anything?

LKD said...

I've always wanted a whip.

early hours of sky said...

See Laurel had the whip;)

Clare said...

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