Monday, October 24, 2005

On my wish list this morning, besides of course the obvious “ An Anthology of Contemporary Russian Poets. Because well, I’m that kind of girl ;) One of the best things about being a poet besides the dark clothing is seeing other people who work hard and are recognized for this.

Huge Congratulations to Mr. G.C. Waldrep: G.C. Waldrep of Iowa City, Iowa, won the seventh annual Campbell Corner Poetry Prize for “The Batteries.” And if you haven’t read his book Gold Beater’s Skin go buy it.

I am trying to keep my mind off not hearing from my brother by concentrating on Yale. My goal for the next month is to spend at least two hours a day on my writing (by the way this does not include blogging which somehow I included in the past.) So far it’s going well. I tend to let myself go in waves which, I suppose is okay for writing new work but not so much for putting a book together. Besides as Laux says, if you open the door a poem might come in.

I suck at discipline. I eat good food. I would never run unless something was chasing me. My goals are simple. Wake up. Write. Edit. Do an occasional dish. Oh and of course read…

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