Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I start back a work tomorrow after my wonderful two weeks off. I am not ready. I went in to set up my art room and of course had three days of work to do in three hours. It isn’t going to happen. I did find/borrow/steal a series of skulls for my new drawing and painting class today. It is important to freak those new students out right away, then they know what to expect from me ;)

Two days till my panel. I am a wreck. What does on wear to talk about their work? My little brother has already given me shit this morning for wearing black to my other brother’s wedding. Will is getting married in a month. I am fighting the urge to wear pink taffeta now with matching shoes…He doesn’t realize how beautiful black can be.

Not to jinx myself but I am in a flow about the book. I’m actually writing all day while the girls are at school. Going back to work could not come at a worse time. Why does it feel like I constantly have to fight for that space?

I only need 43 perfect pages, only 43 that is not too much to ask from the universe, is it?


Rae Pater said...

you have to do it so I know it can be done. Go for it!

gingerivers said...

No, it's not. Let the words flow, wherever and whenever they come, in the small spaces of morning or night.

Keep the light on...