Sunday, September 11, 2005

Whichever stone you lift--
you lay bare those who need the protection of stones.
It’s not a matter of sight but vulnerability.
Whenever you take into your hand
the half formed, the amphibian fish; fin legs, pin heart.
You must understand the drive to scatter.
A stone with its own moon does not remember
nor does it need to control the tide.
Darkness by her very nature is lax.
Do not expect more— yet within your own nature
is the exact opposite wonder, to uncover
what has no desire for light.


Suzanne said...


early hours of sky said...

this is part of the first poem of the new book. Only 42 more to go....

(you will note my syntax lmao)

Artichoke Heart said...

I think it's lovely, with such a strange and wonderful tenderness. (fin legs, pin heart)

early hours of sky said...

Lee, thank you. Have you ever read Geek Love, remember the fin boy?

Oh and Suzanne, how is that baby girl?

Artichoke Heart said...

You're very welcome! And yes, I have read Geek Love, and do remember fin boy. Fascinating.

early hours of sky said...

Just so you know this was not written for fin boy:)

but it's an interesting book.

gina said...

Yes: wow. I love it.

Radish King said...

Arturo the Aqua-Boy, or Artie. Not "the fin boy". Sheesh.

early hours of sky said...

to me he will always be the fin boy.lmao

I love it when I get Loudon's undies in a bunch.

Oh and thank you Gina.

Ana Bozicevic-Bowling said...

so lovely, teresa.

now excuse me, i must crawl under a stone and bitch about the weather.

early hours of sky said...

thank you Ana.

Now does that mean you didn't have an egg for breakfast;)