Friday, September 09, 2005

Okay explain this phenomenon to me: it seems that radio Disney plays the exact same music as the drag show at the gay 90’s which btw has the best martinis in Minneapolis. So on the way to school after seeing men in fish nets dancing before me in my mind’s eye I realized that I actually wanted to write today because of course I can’t. Again explain this phenomenon to me. Yesterday I had all day to write. I did nothing. I watched the news for a bit & then made myself go shopping (the thing that usually makes me depressed) b/c I couldn’t handle Dick Cheney on the T.V. anymore without throwing things. Today I want to write. Today I want to write b/c I am going to the river with 23 second graders and we are going to pick up garbage and then we are going to make art with it. This is what we do as artist. This is what I keep doing.

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