Thursday, September 22, 2005

Olivia is leading a hunger strike tomorrow at her school. This year b/c of Bush’s No Child Left Behind Crap…I mean act;), the school has taken away most of recess and is packing all the kids together in the lunch area instead of letting them eat in their rooms. So O is leading a peaceful protest. Tonight she wanted to know what happens if:

they call you at work….then I answer the phone
what if I get in trouble….then we will deal with it together
what if I get suspended ….then I'll leave work and come pick you up

I love that I have raised this kind of kid. I love that she thinks this way. Bella is growing worms on the porch. She says if it snows, they will have home. I told her they NEED stay on the porch but tonight I found one under the sink in my coffee cup. I love that I am raising this kind of kid too but it's much messier.


Lyle Daggett said...

This is just awesome. The hunger strike, and the worms.

(Not being from the west coast, "awesome" isn't a word I use frequently.)

Artichoke Heart said...

What amazing children you obviously have! What Good Eggs!

Angela Martínez said...

These are the kind of children that I hope mine will grow up to be.

Pris said...

What a wonderful story! Yes, you did raise great kids.

32poems said...

Wow, your children sound amazing.

gingerivers said...

For my son, Zeb, it was a puppy rescued from the pound, a small package of love returned.

But worms are ok too.